Mogra Suite at Nisarg Resort - Best resort in Kolhapur

The Timeless Elegance of the Mogra Suite at Nisarg Resort : A Journey of Craftsmanship

As the owner of Nisarg Resort in Kolhapur, I, Avinash Bedekar, am thrilled to share the enchanting journey behind the creation of our most loved accommodation, the Mogra Suite. This suite is not just a room; it is a testament to the fusion of history, artistry, and the timeless elegance of stone craftsmanship. Let me take you on a journey through the making of this unique suite, highlighting the vision, the challenges, and the stories that make it a remarkable experience for our guests.

A Vision Carved in Stone

The theme behind the Mogra Suite is deeply rooted in the ancient art of stonework. Every element, from the tiles to the bed, is meticulously crafted from stone, creating an ambiance that echoes the grandeur of ancient palaces. The bed, a centerpiece of the suite, is fashioned from a 200-year-old stone slab originally part of a palace in Chicokdi village. This historical piece sets the tone for the suite, offering guests a royal experience reminiscent of a bygone era.

Crafting a Royal Retreat

While conceptualizing the Mogra Suite, our aim was to imbue it with the aura of a royal palace. We used stone in every conceivable way, ensuring that each detail resonated with ancient charm. The bathroom, too, is a marvel of stonework, from the basin sink to the intricately carved walls. The extensive use of stone not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides a cool, serene atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing retreat.

The Beauty of Imperfections

The journey of creating the Mogra Suite was not without its challenges. As with any grand project, we encountered a few crafting mistakes. However, these imperfections turned out to be beautiful quirks that added character to the suite. One such story involves the arch behind the bed. The artisan who crafted it made a minor error, resulting in a slightly chilled end. Initially rejected, this piece caught my eye during a visit. I saw potential in its flawed beauty and decided to repair and incorporate it into the suite. This arch now stands as a symbol of resilience and the beauty of imperfections, adding a unique charm to the Mogra Suite.

Stories Behind the Stone

The Mogra Suite is filled with stories of craftsmanship and dedication. From the intricate process of crafting the stone bed to the delicate task of giving it the perfect texture, every step was a labor of love. Our artisans poured their hearts into every detail, ensuring that the suite not only looked magnificent but also exuded positive vibes and a refreshing aura for our guests.

A Sanctuary of Positive Vibes

Since its opening six to seven years ago, the Mogra Suite has welcomed numerous guests who have shared their beautiful experiences with us. Many have expressed how staying in this suite was a refreshing & welcoming and memorable experience. The suite’s unique essence as per its name MOGRA and positive vibes have made it a favorite among our guests, who often refer others to stay here to experience its magic.


The Mogra Suite at Nisarg Resort is more than just a luxurious accommodation; I can only say it is the best suite of the best resort in Kolhapur, it is a journey through time, artistry, and the celebration of imperfections. Each stone, each story, and each guest adds to the suite’s rich tapestry, making it a living testament to the beauty of craftsmanship and the charm of history. I invite you to experience the Mogra Suite and immerse yourself in its timeless elegance and the stories that have shaped its unique character.