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NISARG - An Eco-Luxury

Nisarg, nestled among the picturesque Sadale Madale hills near Kolhapur, is where the splendour of heritage harmonises with eco-luxury. Crafted by the Bedekar Family, a humble Maharashtrian farmers, it stands as a living epic for the vibrant Marathi culture. Our eco-conscious retreat is thoughtfully crafted to offer an unforgettable and sustainable stay, seamlessly blending with the natural surroundings. Nisarg is a symphony composed of earthy notes, where mud, wood, and stone dance in perfect architectural harmony.

You can relish the breath-taking view of the valley, the Panchganga River, and Kolhapur’s cityscape from the private balconies of most room. At Nisarg, immerse yourself in the region’s rich heritage through carefully curated cultural activities, local traditions, cuisine, and art. Don’t miss the chance to explore the delicious Maharashtrian cuisine.

Exclusive Accommodations

We got over 30000+ satisfied customers,
making us the best resort in Kolhapur

An individual traditional bungalow
(3 Bedroom, Hall Kitchen & large veranda)

Step back and embrace the time at our heritage WADA, built in area of 4000 sq ft. The wada is build in mud and stones using traditional maharashtrian method. Where generations come together to celebrate tradition and create unforgettable memories.

Constructed with wonderful rustic stones built in a area of 2800 sq ft, it takes you way back to the old stone houses with a pleasant feel and a scenic view of the Panchganga River surrounded by mountains.

Identical in looks. Different vibrations of happiness. Complete privacy, a tasteful interior and the tub bath are full of relaxation and pleasure.

It is the fragrance of sensitive closeness. Between you and your beloved. The moment you step into this wonderful honeymoon suite, the outside world seems not to exist for you.

Tucked in the serenity of the resort are the rustic rooms. Ideal for small families. Here, you can spend your time the way you enjoy it, undisturbed.

The garden sitting out here offers you fantastic peace of mind: the touch of the greenery, a beautiful opening into the garden full of trees, cool winds, the singing of the birds, and much more.

A cozy place on wheels to call your own. A unique stay: a house on wheels built on a 1970s Tata truck A feeling of home inside a truck house with just the luxury needed to soothe your stay

Why we are the Best
Resort in Kolhapur


What our Happy Clients are saying about Nisarg,


Best Resort in Kolhapur since 15+ years

RUTUGANDH - Conference Hall

A well-equipped conference hall at Nisarg makes meetings & team-building activities more fun.

Air Conditioning

All the Rooms are equipped with ACs for a more relaxing experience. (*Except For Wada)

Pet Friendly

We are a pet-friendly resort. Get your furry friends along!
*Pet Charges Apply

Parking Space

There is ample parking space available at Nisarg.


Wifi is available at the property.

Zuluk - Restaurant

Treat your taste buds at our traditional maharashtrian cuisine restaurant.

Room Service

Room service is available at selected hours.

Pick Up & Drop

Pick up & drop facility is available at an additional cost.


Things you can do at Nisarg

Indoor Games
Indoor Games
Indoor Games
Indoor Games
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Outdoor Games
Outdoor Games
Outdoor Games
Outdoor Games
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Jeep Ride
*Charges May Apply
Jeep Ride
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Book your stay at the best resort in Kolhapur

Prices Starting from

Rs 5,500/- per day

We got your trust

4.5/5 overall rating

Incredible Kitchen

Restaurant : Zuluk