VINTAGE TRUCK HOUSE - India’s first truck house

We provide high-quality services.
Pick a room and enjoy the best vacation of your life.

A cosy place on wheels to call your own. A unique stay, A house on wheels built on a
1970’s TATA truck. A feel of home inside a truck house with just the luxury needed to
soothe your stay. Your own small kitchen, a pantry, a nice and cosy bedroom, an airy
balcony, and an open view of the breathtaking mountains and valley. A special shower
surrounded by adamantine rock walls, a cool and gentle breeze, out of the world.

  • Ground Floor – 140 sq ft
  • First floor-70 sq ft
  • Sitout area – 60 sq ft
  • Varanda – 120 sq
  • Open-to-sky bathroom – 380 sq ft
  • Private garden – 1900 sq ft
  • Total Area – 2670 sq ft
  • Two Adults
  • Tariff includes Breakfast, High-Tea & Dinner.
  • Single Occupancy
  • Couples

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Rs : 6500/ +12% GST

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